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Goodbye Legion

Well, here we are, it’s that time again, on the eve of a new expansion (technically the 4th for Mutiny). The end of an era and the dawn of something new. (And let’s face it, that something new will mainly be spent AFK in Zandalar, whilst talking crap in guild chat). I wanted to make …

Misadventures in Antorus Mythic!

Here we are at the place where Gorothi died. Here we are at the Sargeras puppy day care. Here we are at high command. Here we are in a garden.

  • Being in mutiny has been the best online experience of my life with all the laughs, comradery and a genuinely great raiding experience in the best damn guild EU.


  • One of the best parts for me was when Mutiny became Mutiny by doing Mutiny, and getting to heal with Aeliola, best healer in the guild!


  • Beating Tally at interupts on a consistent basis was a good ego boost as he’s the best player in the universe. Pick pocketing bis BoE gloves from trash in EN was pretty dank. Also this survey.


  • Defeating Elisande. That was the best raiding experience I have had, I am not sure I will ever have that feeling again of being so far into a raiding tier on mythic difficulty and defeating the penultimate boss.


  • The whole time with the guild has been amazing really, but to name one it’s the night I got promoted to Mutineer and as such officially getting back into progress raiding.


  • Jeff! And probably becoming an officer and being able to improve things I wanted to get improved ^^”


  • bants, flame crash, not pulling tellos, or was it tally, i dont know thally i guess. The time Jeff kicked the whole team.


  • Finding this guild has been my best experience in Legion! We’re active, we’re social, we’re friendly and accepting. I’m really pleased to be a part of the guild