Avast me hearties! Riding the high seas of Magtheridon EU, Mutiny is a Horde based guild seeking to pillage booty from each and every corner of Azeroth. We are made up of many experienced gamers who have spent far too long playing World of Warcraft than we would care to admit. Whether you are a land lumbering mythic raider or you’re a scurvy sea dog climbing aboard once every new moon, then Mutiny is the guild for you!

We believe in a fun and social approach to raiding and being part of a guild, meaning that we don’t want to raid every night of the week (there is this little thing called real life, well that’s what we are told) but when we do raid, we make sure that we do it in style, by making progress throughout Heroic and Mythic content and performing to the best of our abilities. Afterall our raiding time is limited each week, we want to make the most of it.

Why should you join us? We are a very welcoming guild and we enjoy having a laugh online both in and out of raids. If you join us, you should expect plenty of banter, plenty of jokes and the occasional inappropriate comment.

So if you are looking to kick some serious booty in raids and be part of a small, fun and sociable (and on the whole, fairly mature) crew who can also play well, and progress during current tier content, then Mutiny is the place for you!