Application Form

Application Form

The following is our application form template that we require every potential raiding member to use. Make sure you have read over the information on our website carefully to make sure Mutiny is the right guild for you.

Remember, your application is probably the ONLY THING we know about you. Spend some time on it, answer the questions fully. Present to us a player who understands their class and has invested time into maximising their contribution to the raid via theorycrafting, UI mods and investment in gear/gems/enchants. Show us you have a brain. Do this and you are very likely to get a trial.

After you post your application it will be reviewed by raiding members of the guild and we will engage in some discussion, which you can participate in. If successful we will contact you in-game. You may also be asked to join on Discord for a little interview. Remember this is for potential members who wish to raid, if you wish to join as social, please contact an officer in-game.

If your application is accepted we will add you to, if your application is declined we will reply via an e-mail.

If you have any questions or queries before making an application, feel free to ask on our recruitment discord channel.

Personal Details

Your Name (required)

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Character Details

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Armory Link (required)

Are you able to attend our progression raid nights on Wednesday and Monday from 19:30-23:00 Server Time? (required)
Wednesday, Monday 19:30-23:00 Server Time

Tell us how and why you play your class, and how does this set you apart from others

How long have you playing Warcraft on this character and spec?

Can you provide us with any combat logs to show your performance in raids?

Do you have any secondary specs or alts, if so what is it? And can you play it as well as your main?

What addons do you use?

If you can, please provide a screenshot of your UI

General Details

What are your computer specs?

Do you have Discord, a working microphone and able to communicate in English?

Tell us about your WoW raiding experience. Which guilds were you in? What did you raid with them? Why did you end up leaving? Did you hold any roles of responsibility? (required)

Why do you want to join Mutiny? (required)

Do you know anyone in Mutiny?

Can you tell us more about yourself? (required)

What do you want to get out of your raiding experience? What do you expect from joining a guild like Mutiny? (required)

Do you have any questions for us? Or anything else you would like to mention?