Well, here we are, it’s that time again, on the eve of a new expansion (technically the 4th for Mutiny). The end of an era and the dawn of something new. (And let’s face it, that something new will mainly be spent AFK in Zandalar, whilst talking crap in guild chat).

I wanted to make a little post to celebrate on what has been a remarkable expansion for Mutiny.

I remember the launch of Legion, everyone buzzing online, about 80 people online at midnight and throughout launch day. I remember watching how several members raced to 110, everyone excited about the new expansion and what it would bring. 

I remember the onslaught of trash talk in guild chat on how those legendaries won’t drop for nobody.

I remember the opening night of Emerald Nightmare, where about 40 people logged on for  30 raid spots and the ensuing QQ that followed when we could only accommodate to our close circle of 30 friends. (This is despite constant surveys and warnings on Discord to see who wants to raid… we are doing this for BFA so be prepared for that).

I remember “Legendary boots, fuck you!”, thanks Dennis, I remember you too.

I remember our first mythic kills in Nighthold. And I am sure everyone remembers (or maybe not) to go left or was it right and then soak? I forget?

What does the weak aura do? I forget this too.

I remember the whole melee vs ranged debate. (Not sure who won that one, too scared to declare a winner)

I remember sitting in a souvlaki restaurant in Santorini constantly checking the wow logs to see our progress on Mythic Gul’Dan and remember how happy I was to see our guild kill him and get our first cutting edge.

I remember mythic sisters for all the wrong reasons. Misstress too.

I remember how we turned things around when times seemed grim and we bounced back into being a stronger guild than before. 

I remember the day Tally got his back surgery.

I remember all the memes. All the banter. All the laughs. All the women (and men) that Calios whispered.

And I remember a whole lot of stuff that I probably shouldn’t. Too much to write down.

And who can forget this.

I will remember Legion, as being one of the greatest expansions to date, and an expansion full of memories. This game is empty without the people, and the people in this guild make the game feel alive. Here’s to the next chapter of Mutiny as we venture into Battle for Azeroth, where I am sure more memories as a guild will be made.