• Misadventures in Antorus Mythic!

    Here we are at the place where Gorothi died. Here we are at the Sargeras puppy day care. Here we are at high command. Here we are in a garden.

  • You can’t teach an Old God new tricks… but you can kill him!

    Oh, how I have longed to do a progress post about Ulduar, one of my favourite raids in Warcraft. Relevant about 10 years ago… Ulduar got spanked with some of the Blizzard ‘rehashed content’ mojo and pulled through… Read More

  • 6/11M

    I don’t even know what boss we killed but we are now 6/11M!

  • Mutiny vs Maiden Mythic

    We 7/9M now! Grats everyone who worked towards the kill. Now on to Avatar!

  • What an ‘egg’cellent night to progress!

    Last night we went back in to ToS Mythic and well… killed Harjatan. We one shot it. Please understand, this is a big deal for us. This takes us to 3/9 Mythic!

  • Nobody expects the Demonic Inquisition!

    NOBODY expects the Demonic Inquisition! Our chief weapon is torment!… Torment and fear… fear and anguish… Our two weapons are fear and anguish… and ruthless efficiency! Our three weapons are fear, and torment, and ruthless efficiency… and an… Read More

  • Gorofuckyourself Mythic

    Last night was our first venture into Mythic Tomb of Sargeras. First up, is Goroth, who is essentially a glorified bouncer. Blocking our way into the Tomb itself. However, he didn’t stand in our way for too long… Read More

  • The Many Deaths by Kil’Jaden

    No, not that one. Sorry, I meant Kil’Jaeden! This one. Here he is casually murdering our raiders. Here he is killing us in darkness. Here he is killing us near Argus. He here is, being casually killed by… Read More

  • Mutiny: Nighthold 10/10 Mythic

    Please enjoy this little video celebrating our achievements in Nighthold!

  • Tomb of Sargeras Grand Opening

    It’s that time again, when a new raid opens up and a new tier begins. This time our adventures take us to the legion stronghold on Azeroth, the Tomb of Sargeras. As is tradition, we started our assault… Read More

  • Gul Dan n Done it!

    After weeks of agonising progress, with a new raid looming on the horizon… time was of the essence to get that cutting edge Gul’Dan. Ranged and Melee set aside their differences. All raiders cobbled their heads together, and… Read More

  • Give me a HELL YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!

    Finally, we managed to kill Helya Mythic This takes us to 3/3M in the Trial of Valor.

  • Grand Magistrix Elisande

    Working on our Mythic progress naturally brought us to the Grand Magistrix. Forever twirling her hands in circular motions, we can only determine that her dependence on the Nightwell creates some arthritis side effects in her wrist. But… Read More

  • Starlord Ogre

    He showed us the stars. We showed him his doom. Star Auger Etraeus lives no more. Well done everyone. This takes us to 8/10M!

  • Glory of the Legion Raiders

    Over the last few months, some of our raiders decided to tackle the unusual tactics that Legion has to offer, all in search of a special moose. We did each and every achievement and got our special mooses… Read More


    Seriously, Botanist… what a guy, he does nothing wrong. If there was ever a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, this is it! Botanist, just chills in his garden, growing his plants… minding… Read More

  • A song of ice and fire and arcane

    Ah Spellblade Aluriel, the boss that you accidentally pull whilst going to the other bosses. When you do eventually as a raid group decide to face her, well, what can I say. Not much. As a tank, I… Read More

  • Carrion my wayward swarm

    Tichondrius, he likes to show up in Warcraft lore every so often. The Nighthold is no exception. So here he is, to die all over again. And he did what he does best. Die.

  • Left to the right to the right to the left….

    To the left he said. To the right he said. To the left he said. To the right again, he said. And then soak he said. It’s easy. He said it and said it and said it… Ladies… Read More

  • Trillax causing an obesity epidemic

    Eat cake he said… eat cake we did… and boy oh boy…. was it shit. We left shit all over the floor but somehow we put Trillax into overtime at work. And well, like any employee who has… Read More

  • Don’t do the achievement for this…

    Chronomatic Anomaly can change our cooldown lengths as much as he likes, but there is no cooldown on overwhelming disappointment. Which would be the feeling of his parents after we defeated him. Just like Skorpyron before him, we… Read More

  • Skorpyron down with a pinch

    Skorpyron marks the first boss into uncharted Mythic territory… and just like his heroic and normal counterparts, he (or she???) went down with ease! In our excitement, it appears we forgot to take a screenshot, so enjoy this… Read More

  • Better late than never… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Welllll, we went back in time to older raid to clear it once and for all… and we totally did all of the mechanics as intended… Cenarius is dedded So is Xavius! 7/7M BOYS JOOD GOB!

  • Gul’Dan Heroic

    Finally, it is time to face Gul’Dan…. forever taunting us since the Warlords of Draenor cinematic, it was time to finally take him down. Grats all on 10/10HC…. now, on to Mythic! Also thanks to Fester for recording… Read More


    1. JAZZ HANDS! 2. MAKE SHADOW PUPPETS 3. GIVE THE FINGER TO THE NIGHTBORNE 4. PET FLUFFY ANIMALS 5. RUB THE LEGIONS FEL SPIKES However she can’t beat a raid of our finest Mutineers!!!! Grats on 9/10HC

  • This isn’t even my final form!

    We smashed through to the garden in the Nighthold, plucked up all the weeds (or turtles in this case) and killed their gardener. #savage

  • Spellwomen, Starmen and giant space demon nipples

    This week we ventured back into the Nighthold on heroic, picking up from where we left off last week. The first new kill this week was Spellblade Aluriel (after a ~5% wipe towards the end of last weeks… Read More

  • Our First Foray into The Nighthold! 3/10HC + 10/10NM

    So, it’s that time again, when all the denizens of the server line up to venture into the new raid. Mutiny are no exception and in our first week we made a fair bit of progress. We cleared… Read More

  • 3/3HC Hell Yeah!

    It was a long time coming but we managed to sneak a night away from Mythic to take down Helya HC. After a few nights of progress, she went down without much hassle!

  • Seasons Greetings From Mutiny!

    2016 has been a great year for us at Mutiny, with the arrival of Legion (and the end of Warlords) and making steady progress whilst raiding, the guild is now as strong as it has ever been with… Read More

  • 5/7M That’s all you need to know!

    We are 5/7M now, in essence the perfect score for a raid! 🙂

  • #tagdragons

    Dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons dragons… Read More

  • Three heads are better than one

    Next up was Guarm, Helya’s three headed guard dog. He tried to stop us…. but you could say… every dog doesn’t have his day 🙁 This takes us to 2/3 HC


    BY ODYNS BEARD WE ARE BACK! We headed back into the Trials of Valor, to take it up a notch to heroic. We proved our might to Odyn which takes us to 1/3HC!

  • The Trials of Valor (Normal)

    A new patch, and a new raid that comes with it! Trials of Valor, for all of us to prove our worth to Odyn and then down to defeat the forever tormented Helya. Odyn seemed happy with our… Read More

  • Mythic: Spiders….NOPE!

    So, well… spiders! And birds (but who cares about birds). The past few weeks have taken us to Mythic Elreathe Renferal. And after some rather unfortunate 10%, 5% and 0.5% wipes we finally squashed her. This takes us… Read More

  • Mythic: Better late than never?

    So, I realised I haven’t posted about our first Mythic kill, which was actually our last Mythic kill.   Anyway, we killed Nythendra on Mythic about 3 weeks ago, so there’s that!

  • Did you know the last boss is the last boss?

    Finally at the end of the nightmare, Xavius forever taunting us. First in Dankheart Thicket and now again in The Emerald Nightmare. Good job everyone, this takes us to  7/7HC! Next up is Mythic! 😀


    Cenarius was up next on heroic. Trying to free his corrupted soul from his eternal nightmare. Pretty good fight, we had him after a few attempts which took us to 6/7HC Also this happened….

  • Elerethe: 5/7 fight

    I liked the fight, it was dark and mysterious almost as good as Maexxna. So that takes us to 5/7HC, next up is Cenarius!

  • Dragons!

    Again we took the fight to the corrupted dragons to free them from their nightmare. It seems we have tipped the scales in our favour! 7/7NM and 4/7HC after this week of raiding, good job everyone!

  • Vagina Jokes Are Not Funny…

    Period. On that note, next up was Il’Gynoth who BEARS a striking resemblance to… an old god corrupting a tree, hence why he is the heart of corruption. But we managed to go deep inside the tree and… Read More

  • Bitch better have my honey…

    Back into Emerald Nightmare HC after a long weekend, first up for tonight was Ursoc HC. We had the right to bear arms as we took the fight to him all over again. As you can see, we… Read More

  • Heroic time!

    Well, after a successful night in The Emerald Dream and a quick stop by Xavius taking us to 7/7N… we ventured back into the dream (I mean, sleep is a great excuse to raid, right?), this time on… Read More

  • What a Nightmare!

    Did you know that Xavius is actually the last boss? Yes, in fact he is the last boss in two instances just like Kael’Thas, Archimonde, Anub’Arak and a whole host of bosses which come under the ‘rehashed content’… Read More

  • 1st Night in The Emerald Nightmare!

    Welcome! If you are reading this, we are still a guild and WoD didn’t break us! But after a long break, it’s time to get back into the swing of things… first up is the Emerald Nightmare raid…. Read More

  • Breaking the Breaker!

    The very intimidating and British sounding boss Fel Lord Zakuun stood in our way next. Forever trying to break Grom Hellscreams soul and make up for bad story planning, we had to help save Grom from a terrible… Read More

  • Mutiny Soaring High in Hellfire

    We flew right into Iskar’s chamber, ready to spread our wings and take the flight straight to him! He flapped and flapped but couldn’t quite fly away from our grip. As we eyed up the big flightless bird,… Read More

  • Mutiny Puts A Sock In It!

    High flying off of our Gorefiend Mythic kill on Wednesday we stormed back into Hellfire Citadel to confront Socrethar the Eternal, forever trying to preserve his soul. However he most definitely forgot to wear his lucky socks today as… Read More

  • Hey Hey You You I Want To Be Your Gorefriend!

    After a few months of progress and a couple of wipes or so, tonight we finally UNFRIENDED Gorefiend Mythic. He did not fall without putting up a good fight, and good on him, nobody likes a breakup anyway…. Read More

  • Eye see what you did there….

    So tonight started with the aim of gearing some players up in heroic… but never one to shy from progress, we unexpectadly had a full mythic team online… so why not… And well we started off on Kilrogg,… Read More

  • Mutiny vs Mythic Hellfire Council

    After what has been a while, we have finally defeated Hellfire Council on Mythic! This takes us to 3/13M. Good job everyone! Unfortunately we didn’t get a decent screenshot, but enjoy this video instead 🙂

  • Mutiny are Glorious!

    We decided to chill out from Mythic progression a little and the past few weeks we have been working together doing all of the Glory of the Hellfire Raider achievements. Lots of fun was had as we trapped… Read More

  • That feeling of killing the first boss on Mythic

    So we started our new reset with a quick Archimonde HC kill to get all of our members (socials and progress raiders) a brand spanking new Moose mount to fly around on. Needless to say… this was very… Read More

  • Mutiny vs Challenge Modes

    Five brave individuals from Mutiny decided to knuckle their heads together and pursue the golden challenge modes. After spending countless hours together working their way through every dungeon beating each and every challenge that presented itself. Finally, they… Read More

  • Mutiny vs Archimonde HC

    After weeks of trying, doing experiments, trying out puggers, bringing in new members, trying to counter nerfs with a generally smaller group…

  • Mutiny VS Tyrant Velhari HC

    Last night, MUTINY (under our new guild name), ventured forth into Hellfire Citadel where the anti-paladin Tyrant Velhari lurked. And well, what did we do? We did what we do best. Pillaged and plundered her into oblivion! And managed… Read More

  • Mutiny vs Mannoroth

    And then to the fabled demon himself, Mannoroth. No problem, we took him down too! Mutiny is now at 11/13HC in Hellfire Citadel! Archimonde we’re coming for you! “Get a picture of Archimonde so we can say Archimonde we’re… Read More

  • Mutiny vs Xhul’Horac

    Tonight Mutiny blasted our way through all kinds of portals and horrible demons from the Twisting Nether to take on Xhul’Horac! As you can see, it was a piece of cake! We are now 10/13HC in Hellfire Citadel Also… Read More

  • Mutiny vs Socrethar and Zakuun

    Tonight Mutiny ventured back into Hellfire Citadel Heroic to take on Socrethar and Fel Lord Zakuun. 

  • Mutiny vs Archimonde

    It took a few attempts but Mutiny managed to defeat Archimonde (Normal) and put this demon to rest before his final assault on Draenor. 

  • Run to the hills…. the troopers are coming in!

    So last night, I wasn’t there, but the guild was, which meant nobody took a screenshot of the latest kill which was the Iron Maidens. So instead enjoy this live rendition of Run to the Hills by Iron… Read More

  • Mutiny VS Blackhand

    We went back into Blackrock Foundry normal again, this time to take down Blackhand and be done with normals altogether. And well, we overcame all of the ‘siegemakeeeers’, shattering throws and various bombs to take him down.

  • Getting fisted and then we’re on a roll!

    Tonight we went back into Blackrock Foundry Heroic. Our first fight tonight was Kromog. After a few attempts of being fisted by his grasp we managed to finally get him. 

  • I Choo, Choo, Choose…. not to die today! GG

    So, last night we went to Blackrock Foundry again and we made progress! Yes, that’s right, we killed a new boss. Operator Thogar joins our evergrowing list of orcs being butched by Mutiny! We are now 5/10 HC… Read More

  • Two Wolves, One Boss

    Last night we went into Blackrock Foundry Heroic again, this time we took down a new boss on heroic, Flamebender. This takes us to 4/10HC in BRF!

  • Trains, Boats and Fire

    As we continue our progress into Blackrock Foundry, our journey has taken us to the train tracks.

  • Lock up your daughters because Beastlord is about!

    Posting this one a little bit late, but we managed to down Beastlord in Heroic last week, so go us! Now at 3/10HC

  • The Start of Heroic Blackrock Progress for Mutiny!

    Tonight we ventured into the Heroic version of Blackrock Foundry. First up was Gruul, he sliced and caved his way at us but eventually he was no match for us. And we went to visit the twins again,… Read More

  • Flamebending, Steel Slamming, Hand Gripping Our Way Through Blackrock!

    Our second raid in Blackrock Foundry began with the twin brothers Hans’gar and Franzok. 

  • Just keep rolling, rolling, rolling…

    Tonight was our first venture into the new Blackrock Foundry raid as a guild. We started off on Gruul normal…

  • Highmaul Heroic Cleared

    Tonight Mutiny dodged mines, ran through novas, killed some adds to finally topple Imperator which takes us up to 7/7 Heroic! 

  • We are glorious!

    After a few weeks of casually meeting up in secret after hours a bunch of us managed to achieve the Glory of the Dreanor Hero achievement!

  • Ko’ragh Heroic… expelled!

    It’s that time of the week again, that time where we announce our progress. The latest addition to our kill list is Ko’ragh heroic which takes us up to 6/7HC… just one boss left! 

  • Highmaul Cleared! And some heroic progress…

    Bit late with this one, but last week we finally conquered the mines, novas and exploding tanks by defeating Imperator on normal.

  • That feeling when twins go down on you

    We had a very productive raid last night in Highmaul. New progress to add to our ever growing list of progression, the latest addition being the twins on heroic!

  • Working through heroics

    So we had a little break over Christmas and New Years but we came back in style with two new boss kills, in heroic this time.

  • Magic, magic everywhere…

    Rounding off our week of progress we managed to down Ko’ragh. Seems even he couldn’t protect himself from our might!

  • Fires and more Fires

    Our second week in Highmaul went off to a good start, we rapidly cleared our way up to the Twin Ogrons before attempting them for the first time. 

  • Butchers, Mountains and Mushrooms.

    So tonight was our second raid together as a guild. How did we do? Well take a read below!

  • Mutiny takes on Highmaul

    Last night was not only our first raid in Highmaul but also our first raid as a guild. Hopefully the first of many!

  • Welcome to Mutiny!

    Welcome to Mutiny! Established by long term Warcraft players who have been playing for years in different guilds, we finally decided to come together and form a guild for all of us to be part of.