Welcome back! Time for a new raid tier… and you know what that means…. NEW BOSS SCREENSHOTS! 

This tier takes us into Uldir… the undisputed sex dungeon of the Titans where they ‘experimented’ on old gods. Let’s not kid ourselves, G’huun is totally a titan freakish fleshlight.

First to meet their fateful end from the hands and paws of Mutiny is Taloc, our favourite elevator engineer. Like all first bosses of every raid ever released, he went down with relative ease.

Next up, MOTHER. Let’s just say, she made us clean up her room THREE times. Which lends itself to the age old mystery that mothers indeed create mess, just like their children.


We killed him, we promise. Expect a somewhat resolution to the screenshot mystery of this boss soon.

Next on the hit list was Vectis. I don’t really know what he is meant to be (a leach with arms?), but whatever he is, we killed him! So take THAT mysterious armed blood thing.

Then there was Zek’voz, Herald of N’Zoth. Yeah, finally we got to meet the herald of that hearthstone card! How exciting!


We also killed Zul, but in our excitement, we forgot to take a screenshot as we fell down and started the next boss… which takes us on to… 

Mythrax the Unraveler. What he is trying to unravel is not quite clear. Maybe he had a knitted sweater that became all tangled up. Maybe there has been a murder in Savannah he is trying to solve. Maybe he is unravel bugs in the game code to show that this game is not buggy at all. Either way, he didn’t get a chance to unravel anything as he ded.

Ah G’Huun (or G’Hunn if you work at blizz). What is he? An experiment that the titans played with? Whatever he is, remember to play safe and see a doctor afterwards. But we killed him! This took us to a full clear of Uldir on Normal difficulty.

Not ones to shy so easily from raiding, we went in again this week but stepped it up to heroic. This week we managed to bring a heroic end to Taloc, MOTHER, Fetid (and again, no screenshot?!) and finally Vectis.

Overall, a good solid first week in Uldir with 8/8NM and 4/8HC progress. Good job everyone!