So we started our new reset with a quick Archimonde HC kill to get all of our members (socials and progress raiders) a brand spanking new Moose mount to fly around on. Needless to say… this was very A-MOOSE-ING!…. okay I’ll see myself out…


As we have been 13/13HC for quite a while, we felt it was time to finally set foot into Hellfire Citadel Mythic. The hardest part of course is having twenty raiders, but we made it. On our first ‘official’ night of Mythic progress we managed to clear Mythic Hellfire Assault quite easily.

HOWEVER, did you know…. the first boss is actually the second boss?! I know right. Neither did we… which takes us to the second boss, (which is actually the first boss… or something like that…) IRON REAVER MYTHIC!

He stomped, threw bombs at all of us, hit us with hellfire… but he (or she.. I don’t know at this point… do big demon mechs have genders anyway?) was no match for the might of Mutiny! And eventually he/she/it went down. You can see how we did it in the video below.



This takes us to 2/13M, well done everyone!