The Pirates Code

We aim to keep Mutiny a fair, friendly and fun place for members. These are the rules we stand by in order to create a fun guild to be part of.

  • Have fun. It’s a game at the end of the day, enjoy yourself. We do enjoy a good bit of banter and the occasional bit of questionable humour, so if you find yourself not having fun, or even maybe upset or offended, please contact an Officer. Whether you are are social member or a mythic progress raider, we want people to feel good about being part of Mutiny.
  • Treat eachother with respect. This is self-explanatory, we want everyone to feel welcome and part of the guild and the best way to do this is if we are respectful to each other, even during those tense moments where everyone wants to blame the healer for that nasty wipe, but secretly it’s that Rogue trolling around pulling extra mobs.
  • Act appropriately outside of the guild. No, we don’t mean in real life, we mean when you are in trade chat, in general chat, Facebook or any kind of public space where other Warcraft players see you. We want to have a positive reputation on our server. Remember, you are all guild ambassadors when you’re playing out in the wild as long as you have <Mutiny> under your name.
  • Zero-Drama Policy. We are proud to be 168 days drama-free and plan to keep it that way! But we get it, sometimes disputes happen. That’s fine but if it starts to cause problems in the guild, the officers will act accordingly by whichever action they deem fit up to and including demotion, suspension of privileges and/or a swift kick from the guild.
  • Life is a thing, apparently. We respect that people have real life commitments and being tied down to a guild or a game is something that doesn’t appeal to every player. In Mutiny real life comes first.
ud code

When we raid, we take it seriously. We only raid a few times each week, we want to make sure every moment counts. Real life of course can always be a factor and all sorts of unforeseen circumstances can happen all around you that require your attention. However we try to keep AFK breaks to a minimum, so if you decide to walk your dog in the middle of the raid, that probably wont end too well. This also means:

  • Correct flasks, food and potions. Enough flasks, food and potions to cover the night which are relevant to your class.
  • Correct gems and enchants.
  • Research into progression bosses. Proper research into progressive bosses should be carried out by everyone. This generally boils down to reading a few forum threads and watching a video or two. No-one should be arriving and waiting for an explanation of their role.
  • Mythic Raiding Player Rotations. To maintain a healthy Mythic roster, we need to have more than 20 players who are ready to jump into Mythic. This does mean that on occasion players will need to sit out of a raid or a boss fight. We try to rotate people into Mythic raids as much as possible to keep it fair for everyone or if a certain raid composition requires it.
  • Raid Calls During Fights.
    • Cooldowns. During fights, if called to do something (ie healing cooldown, resurrect, swap targets etc) by the raid leader or role leader it should be done immediately without question. If you feel this isn’t a “good move” wait until either after that pull or after the raid to bring up any concerns.
    • Raid Wipes. When a wipe is called for by the raid leader, die as quick as possible. If someone can resurrect wait, if not release and get back/buff as quickly as possible.


We use an EPGP Lootmaster system to distribute loot. EPGP rewards players in our guild who put in effort to help us progress. This means that players who are at every pull of a new progression fight will have a higher priority on gear than those who aren’t able to come to raids. We have a variety of methods of gaining EP in our guild to reward a whole host of activities within the guild to make sure that everyone feels properly rewarded for their contributions to the guild and to raiding. Loot Council is also used in combination with the EPGP Lootmaster addon. Decisions taken by the loot council are used for major upgrades such as trinkets. We feel these decisions are in the best interests of the raid team and the guild as a whole. That may mean that loot doesn’t come your way from time to time. Understand it is for the best in terms of overall progress for the guild.


We like our raids to be enjoyable and efficient. On progression fights, wiping should be expected. If you have a nice positive attitude towards progression raiding, it helps to create a fun and positive environment for everyone to be part of. To make sure that we can make our raids as enjoyable as possible, we have a few rules which we ask members to understand.

  • Keep drama to a minimum. It happens, people wind you up, get on your nerves or generally just have a bad attitude. But we want to keep our raids as smooth and positive as possible, so this means we don’t want to be standing around for twenty minutes whilst a dispute can break out for whatever reason. This also applies to Discord.
  • Raiders may be swapped out. We may ask raiders to step out of raids occasionally, for a variety of reasons, maybe you are having an off night and not performing well, maybe we need 5 rogues on that one fight or maybe Jimmy the Orc Hunter needs a new trinket from that one boss that never ever drops that trinket but he will be late to the raid. We ask that if you are asked to leave the raid, remember we are doing it for the benefit of the guild and to not take it personally. And to leave the raid without fuss. If you have concerns you are welcome to bring them up with the officers outside of raiding time.
  • We value members input. We value all input from all members during our progress nights. However, please don’t tell us your super fool-proof tactics as we are doing a pull timer or whilst the raid leader is explaining tactics over Teamspeak. Whisper an officer either between pulls or outside of our raid times with a suggestion and we can relay that to the raid if we feel it is valid.


We don’t mind how you set up your user interface but we do request that you have at least a couple of addons to help you with our raiding.

  • Discord. We use Discord as our chat client, details to log on can be found in-game in the guild info tab. We also use this outside of raids, so hop on and say hello!
  • Boss Mods (DBMExorsus or BigWigs). Any one of these addons provides additional assistance during raid encounters and as a result it’s generally advised to grab one of these whenever we are raiding.
  • Boss Specific Addons. This could be things like Iskar Assist. It depends on future content but your raid leaders will instruct you if this is needed.
  • EPGP LootmasterWe use EPGP for loot distribution so this is essential to accurately distribute loot to participating raiders.
  • Role specific addons. Any addons that can assist your role within raids, this can be things like Omen for tanks and Decursive for healers.


At the end of each week of raiding progress, the officers vote on someone to become the ‘MVP of the Week’ (Most Valuable Pirate). This savvy pirate who has proven him or herself is rewarded with riches, gifts and many sexual favours after being promoted into their own special rank ‘MVP of the Week’. Other than some serious ego fluffing for an entire reset, members who get promoted into this rank can expect their repair bill costs to be covered by the guild treasury for that reset.