It’s that time again, when a new raid opens up and a new tier begins. This time our adventures take us to the legion stronghold on Azeroth, the Tomb of Sargeras.

As is tradition, we started our assault on the legion on normal difficulty, which didn’t pose any difficulty as we swiftly swept through the raid. I say we, I was not there (IRL shizz), however the only difficulty seemed to be locating the print screen key… as we apparently have none. Not a single screenshot. Of any of the kills.

Well there is this one below… I have added a little bit of flair to it, to get the point across.

Anyway, Kil’jaeden has been defeated, so that’s something and not only that, but he has opened up a direct route to Argos Argus.

This takes us to 9/9 in normal ToS…. Now roll on to heroic!