Welcome to Mutiny!

Established by long term Warcraft players who have been playing for years in different guilds, we finally decided to come together and form a guild for all of us to be part of.

The website is the newest addition to our goals to help us to find the right people to climb aboard and join us in our raiding throughout Warlords of Draenor and beyond.

We made this guild to have a stable raiding environment that isn’t too demanding of our time. We like to keep things casual when playing Warcraft however when it comes to raiding we make sure we are prepared and focused to play to the best of our ability.

So what can you do on the website?

Well, you can read more about our guild and raiding philosophy here: About Mutiny

We are always on the lookout for new players, if you are interested in joining us, you can check out our recruitment status and our recruitment process here: Guild Recruitment

You can read up on the latest news regarding the guild here: Latest News

If you want to see the scallywags and buccaneers that make up Mutiny, you can check out the guild roster here: Guild Roster

And if you want to send an application, or just browse the forums, you can check out the Mutiny forums here: Forums