Oh, how I have longed to do a progress post about Ulduar, one of my favourite raids in Warcraft. Relevant about 10 years ago… Ulduar got spanked with some of the Blizzard ‘rehashed content’ mojo and pulled through the twisting nether to become relevant again as a new timewalking raid.

Not ones to shy away from a challenge, we ventured into the depths of madness to be greeted by old foes all over again, all the way till the dude who is soooo edgy he has TEETH FOR EYES, Yogg-Saron (again)!

Fun was had, things were merry and peace restored all over again…until the next timewalking raid (Let’s face it… it’s probably Firelands).

Grats to all, I don’t think anyone got head but maybe next time, eh 😉